2022 Chadwick Bay Ballers 12U Team

Participating in the WNY Premier Travel League Willie Mays Division


#9 Anthony D.

#8 Brady M.

#20 Brennan C.

#5 Charlie R.

#99 Evan D.

#2 Jonovan K.

#01 Parker S.

#55 Patrick S.

#7 Ryan P.

#13 Roan P.

#6 William R.


A.J. Dolce

George Roberts

Jake Porpiglia

Jim Cave

Paul Trippy Jr.

WNY Premier Baseball Travel League

Purpose: The objective of the WNY Premier Baseball Travel League is to promote safe competitive baseball activities, while developing youth players in the areas of good sportsmanship, baseball knowledge/skills, the healthiness of youth sports activities, and the importance of teamwork. This will be achieved by Team Manager, Coaches, League Directors, Parents, and Umpires being in agreement to uphold the rules of this league and set positive examples for the Players in victory or defeat. USA Baseball has required bat changes starting January 1, 2018. The aforementioned changes were made to level the playing field of competition and most importantly to assure the safety of the players on the field.

The WNY Premier Baseball Travel League will be a USA Bat league and this will be enforced.

League and Playoff Format:

• Each team will play 10 games (weather permitting) with league minimum 8 games played.

• Playoff breakdown information is outlined on division format flyer.

12U General Rules:

• A player cannot turn 13 before April 30th, 2022. Team managers will be required to submit rosters, players’ birth certificates and proof of insurance before the start of the season. An additional player may be added to a team after the roster is submitted with league approval. If a team uses an ineligible player and/or an ineligible pitcher, the game shall automatically be forfeited, and the coach will be subject to suspension.

• The bench or dugout on the first base side is assigned to the home team and the visiting team uses the bench or dugout on the third base side.

• Games will be played on a 70 foot base/50 foot pitching mound diamond.