2022 8U Chadwick Bay Ballers

Participating in the WNY Premier Baseball Travel League Mariano Rivera Division


#15 Benton T.

#19 Blake H.

#23 Carter L.

#2 Coleman B.

#4 Grayson R.

#10 Jay M.

#99 Riley S.

#8 Rocco B.

#7 Sebastian C.

#17 Tyler K.

#3 Vincent G.


Chad Bongiovanni


Jim Kuras

Kelly Thies

Matt Thies

Mike Cerrie

8U Premier Baseball Travel League, WNY '22 Rules


The objective of the WNY Premier Baseball Travel League is to promote safe competitive baseball activities, while developing youth players in the areas of good sportsmanship, baseball knowledge/skills, the healthiness of youth sports activities, and the importance of teamwork. This will be achieved by Team Manager, Coaches, League Directors, Parents, and Umpires being in agreement to uphold the rules of this league and set positive examples for the Players in victory or defeat. USA Baseball has required bat changes that started January 1, 2018. The aforementioned changes were made to level the playing field of competition and most importantly to assure the safety of the players on the field. The WNY Premier Baseball Travel League will be a USA Bat league, and this will be enforced.

League and Playoff Format:

• Each team will play 10 games (weather permitting) with league minimum 8 games played.

• Playoff breakdown will be a grouping of 4 teams, which will be configured by league record (could be different if an odd number of teams in the division)

8U Age Rule:

A player cannot turn 9 before April 30th, 2022. Team managers will be required to submit rosters, players’ birth certificates and proof of insurance before the start of the season. An additional player may be added to a team after the roster is submitted with league approval. If a team uses an ineligible player and/or an ineligible pitcher, the game shall automatically be forfeited, and the coach will be subject to suspension.


a) Home team will be decided by schedule.

b) Both head coaches will meet with the umpire 5 minutes before the game for Ground Rules.

c) Game will be 6 innings in length, no inning will start after 1:45 from the start of the game. No time limit in championship game.

d) Any protest or rules in question must be addressed immediately during the game with an Umpire

e) THE ONLY PERSON TO SWING A BAT IS THE BATTER. There is no on deck circle and swinging behind the dugout is prohibited. Swinging sticks and nets are only to be used near the batting cages, not on the field or by dugouts at all.

f) Mercy Rule: If after four (4) innings, three, and one-half innings if the home team is ahead, one team has a lead of 15 runs or more.

g) 6 runs per inning is max, no continuation and in the last inning is unlimited until 3 outs recorded.

h) If a player gets hurt, sick or has to leave that player is just removed from the line-up, no out is awarded if that player’s turn comes up again, you just skip and continue on in your batting order.

i) Any rule not specifically addressed in the amended rules will automatically be referred to the Little League rule book.


a) All teams will bat uniformed players during the game (except as injury or illness is reported before the game).

b) Bunting is not allowed. Any player deemed to have attempted to bunt by the umpire will be out, and all players will return to their original base.

c) There is no stealing.

d) A batter will record an out if

i. He/She swings and misses three pitches.

ii. The batter does not swing at pitch 5, and it is deemed a strike by the umpire.

e) There can only be one coach in each of the coach’s boxes. And one coach will feed the machine with the umpire to the side of the coach.

f) ****** Players will receive no more than five pitches deemed hittable through the pitching machine. If a pitch from the machine is judged to be unhittable by the umpire (ball bounces, sails over the batters head, passes behind the batter) the umpire may declare no pitch. A player who fouls off the fifth pitch shall continue to hit as it is their fifth pitch.



a) Defensive positioning. A team may field ten players on defense. Four outfielders, four infielders, a pitcher, a catcher. (minimum of 8 to start game)

b) On a ball hit in the infield, runners can only advance one base on an overthrow.

Ex: ball hit to shortstop, shortstop overthrows 1st, runner can advance to 2nd at their own risk (but cannot advance past 2nd even if another overthrow occurs)

— This should encourage kids to make the play, but not allow for the ball to be thrown around endlessly

On a ball hit in the outfield, runners can advance until the ball is returned to the infield (a player possessing the ball). Runners advance at their own peril, but cannot advance past the base they are on their way to once a ball is possessed in the infield (even if there is an overthrow).

Ex: runner on 1st, ball hit to the outfield, runner from first rounds second (on way to 3rd) before the ball is returned to the infield, infielder attempts to make the out at third but overthrows, the runner cannot advance to home on the overthrow.

c) The pitcher may be located on the right or left side of the dirt surrounding the pitcher’s mound, and must start each play EVEN with the rubber on the pitcher’s mound and with one foot on the dirt and one on the grass around the pitching machine.

d) No player, including the pitcher, may make a play if they bump into the machine. The play is dead and all runners advance one base. The coach will feed the machine should use common sense so that the players do not hit the machine, mainly on fly balls in that area. Baseball plays are encouraged, BUT player protection is the priority,

e) If the batted ball touches the pitching machine, electrical cord, generator, or coach standing within the mound the ball is declared dead, base runners advance one base and the batter is given first base.


a) Unsportsmanlike behavior of any kind WILL NOT be tolerated. This includes players, coaches, parents, fans & anyone else in attendance.

b) No judgment call may be debated by any manager, coach, player, or fan. Rule interpretations may only be raised by the team manager, not coaches.

c) The team’s Manager is responsible for the behavior of his team and their fans. If any player, coach, or fan is ejected from a game, they MUST leave the facility and will remain ejected for the remainder of the game. If the manager is ejected, they must leave the facility and will receive a 1 game suspension. If a coach is ejected, they must leave the facility, and they will receive a 1 game suspension. If the behavior happens with the same individual more than 1 time, they will have to meet with the league commissioners for a hearing and ruling on their attendance for the remainder of the season will be decided.